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Guest post: More of my FAQs by Erin Nicholas + Giveaway

Those who follow the blog know that I am a passionate and enthusiastic (= obsessed and stalkerish) fan of Erin Nicholas and all her books. And though I can't single out one of them as my favourite, Just My Type, the 3rd book in the Bradfords series (each book telling the story of a sibling) holds a special place in my heart as I have to thank that one for making me discover Erin's writing. I fell for the characters, their scorching chemistry, but most of all the roar-out-loud humour which is so typical of all of Erin Nicholas' novels. So as you can see I fell fast and hard for Just My Type (if you need proof just take a look at my review). Today Erin is here to celebrate the release of Just My Type in paperback, so please give her a warm welcome, read on for a steamy excerpt and for your chance to win any of Erin's books! Yay! :-)

Just My Type—the third book in the Bradfords series—is the latest book of mine to go into print (August 2). But it’s been out in e-formats since last September and since that time I’ve gotten some frequent questions from readers. I love answering these so thought I’d share today. (oh, and all commenters here will be entered to win a copy of any e-book in my backlist!)

Oh, and questions 1-5 can be found over on the Book Lovers Inc site today (along with an additional giveaway)! :-)

6. Are the guys in the Bradford books based on guys you know?

I hadn’t thought a lot about this before readers started asking. So, obviously none of the guys are blatantly based on anyone. However, once I started thinking about it, I have to say that yes, the guys are based loosely on several guys I know. Or a combination of several guys I know. For one thing, I’ve always had guy friends. I find men… interesting. They really think differently than we do! For another, I have six brothers-in-law. My sister’s husband and then my husband’s five brothers. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time around guys and obviously that influence is seen—hopefully the good parts!—in my writing!

Just Right: The Bradfords, Book 17. Which heroine—Jessica, Danika or Sara—are you most like?

This question didn’t take much thought. Jessica. Definitely. I’m bossy, I like to get my way, I think I always know what’s best (and I’m usually right) and I’m pretty practical. I’m independent, but not like Dani. I can’t fix anything, I worthless around cars and I’m all for having people help me out! And I’m not a princess like Sara. I don’t have a thousand pairs of shoes or purses and I rarely get manicures. I’m also in healthcare like Jessica and have a younger sister so I feel like I relate to that taking-care-of-everyone side of Jess best.

8. Did you make up the town of Oscar or is it based on a real place?

I did make up the town—name and location, etc.—but it’s definitely based on a real place. Or real places, I should say. I’ve spent most of my life in small town Nebraska as has my husband. I love small towns. There are pros and cons about making a life in one, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. I write small towns naturally since that’s what I know. Oscar is based on both my hometown and my husband’s. And you’ll be seeing more small towns in my upcoming and future books! ;)

9. Paramedics are hot… but why did you pick paramedics?

Because paramedics are hot! :-)

Again, it’s probably the healthcare thing in my life but I’ve always had a soft spot for paramedics. They’re heroes, they wear uniforms—what’s not to like? And, at least, around here, they don’t let ugly guys put that uniform on. They’re all good-looking. Makes you want to learn to fake a serious illness, you know?

10. Where can I get flavored body powder?

Indeed, an important question! :-D Just Google, baby!

Secretly wanting her—no problem. Her not-so-secretly wanting him—big trouble.

Just My Type by Erin Nicholas
The Bradfords, Book 3

There’s only one problem with the woman Jason “Mac” Gordon wants: his best friend’s little sister is off limits. Way off limits, and too young and innocent for the likes of him. From past experience, he’s learned to hide his not-so-nice preferences from the nice girls he seems to attract. That definitely includes the woman he’s always thought of as a sister. At least until recently.

Sara Bradford always gets what she wants—which is partly Mac’s fault. After all, he helped spoil her. So she has no intention of taking his no for an answer on anything—least of all his refusal to sleep with her. He thinks she’s too innocent? Fine. She’ll simply get un-innocent and show Mac that she wants him—the good, the bad and the nipple clamps.

When Mac’s plan to drive her away works too well, he’s forced to follow her to a tropical paradise, determined to make sure she doesn’t find her wild side with anyone but him. Once she gets a real taste of what he likes, he’s sure everything will go back to normal.

That’s until he discovers a slight kink, er, flaw in his logic…

Product Warnings: Contains hot sex at the beach, kinky online shopping—and yes, cotton-candy-flavored body powder does exist.

He was absolutely not going to have sex with Sam’s little sister.

Okay, so some people would say they’d already been pretty intimate. He wasn’t going to promise that wasn’t going to go a little further. It had to in order for him to show her he was way to wild for her. He just wasn’t going to kiss her. Not unless it was absolutely necessary. He wasn’t going to touch her any more than that. At least, he was going to try not to touch her. He definitely wasn’t going to bury himself as deep as he could go, over and over and over.

Yeah, that one he wasn’t going to do.

He turned around a moment later, feeling as in control as he was likely going to get with the knowledge he was going to see every beautiful, naked inch of Sara Bradford before he left that condo.

She hadn’t had much to remove. Just her dress, since he had her thong in his pocket. She still hadn’t listened to him. She was lying on her back, propped up on her elbows, her smooth tanned legs dangling over the edge of the bed, mostly covered. At least as much as she had been since being in St. Croix. He stopped in front of her and looked down at her.

On a bed. Like a wet dream come true.

Even if he hadn’t seen in the cab she wore no bra, there was obviously nothing between her breasts and the thin white satin of her top as the hard points of her nipples were evident.

He’d wanted women. He’d felt heat and passion. He’d never felt burned alive from the inside like he did now. He knew, even as he gazed down at her, once he saw her, saw every inch of flesh on this woman, he would never want another. Ever.

This had the potential of making him a very lonely, sexually frustrated person from here on.

Still he said, “Take it off.”

Her eyes widened. “I’d rather you did it.”

He frowned. She was going to be difficult even now? “Sara, take it off.”

She reached her hand behind her neck and pulled on the end of the tie that held the top up. The material gave and the front slipped down to reveal the smooth peach colored skin of her chest and upper swells of her breasts. Not far enough.

“More,” he said hoarsely.

She grasped the satiny material between her thumb and first finger just above her belly button and tugged. The fabric slipped down, tortuously slow, until her beautiful breasts and hard nipples were fully revealed.

His mouth went dry as if it was the first time he’d seen her. Somehow, this felt different. This was premeditated. This wasn’t a spontaneous painting or an attempt to shock her in a public place. This was a private showing. All for him.

She was tiny all over. She wasn’t more than an A cup and he’d heard her bemoan that fact in the past. Right now, though, she didn’t look upset. About anything. And he sure as hell wasn’t complaining.

“Now what?” A mischievous smile teased the corner of her mouth.

“All the way. Off.” He was already beyond the ability to make full sentences.

She lifted her hips off the mattress. She looked at him expectantly as if waiting for him to pull the skirt down. There was no way he was touching her.

Being by a bed with her was a bad idea.

Watching her undress was a terrible idea.

Thinking about all of the things he wanted to do to her was a horrible idea.

But touching her? Putting his hands on the woman he’d been comparing every other woman to for five years? Running his palms over the curves and silkiness of the woman he’d been depriving himself of, purposefully, for five years?

No way in hell. That would be out of control.

He’d had bad, terrible and horrible ideas before and survived them. He’d always been in control.

“Take it off.”

She wouldn’t leave him alone. If he didn’t do this, do something, she would not leave it alone. He couldn’t take it. He couldn’t take having her flirt and tease and try to seduce him. So he was going for the shock factor to shut her up. At least long enough to get her back to Omaha, dump her back on her siblings and then disappear for a while to get over her. Shouldn’t take more than a decade or two.

She shrugged, like it didn’t matter to her one way or another, and lay back, grabbing some material in her fingers at each hip and tugging it down, shimmying as she did it. The motion caused her breasts to bounce a little.

Mac bit back a soft curse and closed his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he said tightly.

“You’re not going to look?”

He shook his head. He couldn’t. Not right now. Maybe ever.

He’d already seen her. Twice. In the tattoo parlor and the cab he’d had the environment and the knowledge he was not going to make love to Sara like that, to keep him in check. Now they were alone. In a private condo, with a locked door, on the island, thousands of miles from anyone they knew. There was nothing to keep him in check—except him.

He’d been beat up, shot at and hung over. Never could he remember feeling this sharp, hot, acute pain before. His body strained to go to her. His mind strained to run in the opposite direction. He felt, literally, pulled in two by equal and opposite forces.

“You want to look, Mac.”

He did. He really, really did. He’d caught just a glimpse in the car. Not damned near enough. He groaned in resignation and opened one eye.

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Erin Nicholas has been reading and writing romantic fiction since her mother gave her a romance novel in high school and she discovered happily-ever-after suddenly went a little beyond than glass slippers and fairy godmothers! She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they're shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).

For more information about Erin and her books, visit her at her:

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Just Right: The Bradfords, Book 1  Just Like That: The Bradfords, Book 2  Just My Type: The Bradfords, Book 3

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