Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I'm guest blogging at The Book Garden! (+ Giveaway)

Summer is the season for vacations, and though I have to work and contend myself with looking out the window on to the sunny streets, when I heard my fellow blogger friend Birgit was planning on leaving for a much anticipated vacation to Scotland I got excited on her behalf. I mean Scotland! One of my favourite places on the world! So when she asked whether I would like to stop by her blog and do a guest post so as to make her blog feel less abandoned I immediately knew what I wanted to talk about: my love for Scotland and what a breathtakingly beautiful place it is!

So if you would like to hear about how my fascination with Scotland began, or get some Scottish literary recommendations or just to stare at some wonderful pictures click here and come say hi to me. (Oh and I almost forgot: all commentors will be entered in a giveaway and will have the chance to win their book of choice from the Book Depository! You can find the rules here.)

So hop on over and give Birgit's blog, The Book Garden some love! :-)

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