Monday, 1 August 2011

My love for everything Jane Austen - Guest post by Blodeuedd

Now when Stella is gone for a while I took the opportunity to take over her blog and spread the word about the wonderful world of Jane Austen variations, sequels and mash-ups. I will give you a list of my top 10 books, now I have not read a lot *coughs* I swear, only a few so there are many great ones still out there.

This one was just so witty and it kept much of the original story but just made it easier to understand. The title says it all, there are vampires, but most are gentlemen.

The plot here is that Mr. Darcy is already courting someone when he meets Lizzy. The book was sweet and I found myself reading to faster to see if it works out, lol.

There are zombies!! And Lizzy is a freaking ninja. And who would not love a book that delivers a line like this:

"Your balls, Mr Darcy?"
He reached out and closed her hand around them, and offered: "My balls belong to you Miss Bennet."

Sadly I have to admit that it was not his balls she cupped ;) it was ammunition.

This one is set in the aftermath of the American Civil War. The story fits really well in Texas and who would not like Darcy as a cowboy and soldier.

This one broke my heart. They married because Lizzy wanted to save her family. Darcy was on love, she was not. But it all works out, trust me.

I just loved how cute this one was. No drama, it was the book Jane Austen could have written before she decided to spice things up with heartache and hurt feelings.

In truth it is more of a To conquer Miss Bennet book as Mr. Darcy steals kisses and embraces and makes her melt before his charms.

Lizzy is a governess, another woman wants Mr Darcy. Back down woman!! Nice twist where they again truly had to work to get together.

Cuteness alert! I sat there with a big grin on my face. It starts from Lambton where they talk and promise to see each other again. He was so sweet and lovely.

This book was fun because it was set in our age. A couple fall in love and he writes a JA inspired book to get them together again.

There you have 10 good ones to start with. And there are more, many more. More mash-ups like Sense and Sensibility and sea monsters. More passionate versions, and very sexy ones ;) and everything there is to offer. I know many say that they can’t read them cos they like the originals, well I like those too, but I still love it even more to see the story take all sorts of forms. If I really like something I can see it change, I do not need things to stay just like always.

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