Sunday, 7 August 2011

OUAC's Sizzling Summer Read-a-Thon

The lovely ladies at Once Upon a Chapter organized a summer read-a-thon for this weekend, and as I was away on vacation I could indulge and read without almost no interruption.

What book did you start with?

Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress (Harlequin Historical) 

Books I read:

Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress by Ann Lethbridge
Never Tempt Danger by Denise Robbins
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress (Harlequin Historical)   Never Tempt Danger   The Perfect Play (A Play-by-Play Novel)

Status: Spent most of the day unpacking and doing laundry, so didn't get to read anything today :-(

The King's Courtesan (Hqn)Total Books Read: 3 plus read about 8% of The King's Courtesan by Judith James

Total Pages Read: N/A

Total time read: 2 whole days 

How I'm currently feeling: a bit disappointed that today was so busy I didn't get to start Rogue by Rachel Vincent, but glad I got to read on Friday and Saturday :-)

Currently munching/sipping: Pomegranate and Blueberry white tea

Thank you Stephanie and Lisa for organizing the read-a-thon and I hope you were successful as well in making a dent in your TBR piles :-)

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