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Zombie Love - Guest post by Sullivan McPig

Zombie Love
by Sullivan McPig

SoullessWickstrom’s son was roaring in pain, punching his father in the head again and again, but like some guard dog, the dead man would not unclench his jaws. Others went to help now, trying to pull him away.

Bone crunched and the dead man’s teeth tore loose. He spun on an older man, some relative or friend, and lunged at the gray-haired man, driving him to the floor and burying his face in the man’s belly with ugly strength and terrible speed. His jaws gnashed as he drove his face against the man’s abdomen, trying to bite through his shirt and flesh to get to the soft organs inside.

I’m a big fan of zombies. Zombie book, movies, games: I can’t get enough of them.

I will confess I bought some books purely because there was a mention of zombies on the back.

But it has to be a specific kind of zombie for me. A real zombie to me is an undead, rotting monster with a craving for brains or flesh. A real zombie is the enemy, the evil that has to be fought. No people falling in love with zombies and vice versa for me (apart from the rare exception).

So why zombies?

Zombies are almost always equal to a great, exciting story. I mean: “Plague/virus/whatever kills off a lot of humans, but they rise again as undead monsters hungry for the flesh of those who survived the plague” is a plot that is difficult to turn into something boring (although it can be done sadly enough) and lends itself as a perfect backdrop for any kind of story.

Let me give you a few examples.

Soulless by Christopher Golden: Sure there are zombies and they’re doing their best to eat their way through humanity in a gruesome way, but above all this Young Adult book is about human nature and how people act in a crisis, about what makes one person a hero and another a coward.

Once Bitten, Twice Dead by Bianca D’Arc: The action storyline of this Paranormal Romance is all about fighting zombies hungry for human flesh, but in between the fighting and surviving there’s some hot romance, maybe even more intense because of the danger the lead characters face.

Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A.E. Moorat: In between the werewolves, demons and bloody zombie mayhem there are some very interesting historical tidbits to discover.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith: Zombies are just the thing that can convince your zombie loving friends to finally read this all time classic.

Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry: This post-apocalyptic Young Adult story is filled with zombies, but apart from that it’s a beautiful story about family and how a 15 year old boy finds his place in life.So there you go: Everything is better with zombies!

Seriously: If you like lots of action and excitement, if you aren’t afraid to be a little disturbed by what you read, if you want a story that holds you on the edge of your seat: you really should consider picking up a zombie book.

I dare you!

Stella already accepted my challenge and will be reading a zombie book I picked out for her. Are you brave enough to do the same?

If you accept my challenge, you should try one of the books I mentioned in this post. In return you can dare me to read a book you think everyone should read. I will pick one book that I haven’t read yet from the comments and will read it together with a book that Stella is going to pick for me.

Be gentle and don’t recommend anything with lots of bacon in it ;-)

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