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Guest post + Giveaway by Viv Arend: Wolfie World Tour Day 5 - Welcome to the North!

Hey Everyone welcome to the 5th day's stop of Vivian Arend's Wolfie World Tour, which kicked off on September 1st and will be in full swing until September 13th.

I am very happy to welcome Viv to Ex Libris, today she will be telling you about the location of her wolf series and tomorrow she'll stop by to share with you an exclusive excerpt of her latest release: Black Gold which will be available on September 13! Are you excited? If you still need some great news to amp up the excitement let me tell you, that there is a fantastic giveaway at the end *winks* And now I would like to cede the scene to Viv, Viv take it away!


Glad you could join the Wolfie World Tour. Today I’m going to be talking about the location of the stories. The Takhini and Granite Lake books are set in the Yukon and Alaska, which is a part of the world many people talk about wanting to visit someday. It’s also an area that is rife with stories and tall tales—some of them simply hysterical.

When my family and I moved north to Whitehorse in 2005, we sent out a letter to friends and family explaining the whats and whys and hows. One of the parts I included was ‘HOW TO GET HERE’. I wrote about the Alaskan highway—the main route through the north that passes directly through Whitehorse and continues for miles and miles until it ends at the Bering Straight off the coast of Alaska. I included the fact that you could take a cruise ship up the Pacific Coast of Canada to the Alaskan port of Skagway, and then drive overland 1 ½ hours to reach Whitehorse. Or you could fly in, although because the airport is made of large blocks of ice, on really sunny days flights can be delayed from landing because the sun shining off the surface becomes so blinding the pilots have to wait for a cloud to pass by to make landing possible.
**takes sip of drink**

Umm, some people wrote back to say REALLY? regarding that last one. No. The airport, while very small, is a typical airport. Regular flights in and out, nothing melts in the summertime. People in the Yukon and Alaska don’t live in igloos anymore, we don’t build anything from snow or ice unless we’re going backcountry and we want to build them. Technology is alive and well Up North, and all the comforts of your average community is available—maybe a bit of a longer drive or flight to access them if you live more remotely, but everything is there.
The one area that did surprise me was dealing with the light. The north is the land of the Midnight Sun. Which means a lot of dark in the wintertime. Surprisingly, the long hours of darkness were easier to deal with than the light. Think about it—during the winter, and of course depending on your job, the average person gets up, heads to work in the dark, spends the day inside with artificial lighting, then goes home and has lights in the house/apartment. It doesn’t matter so much if it’s dark or light outside—we can always have lights inside.
But the Midnight Sun? Totally mucked with our routines. I’d never realized how much I used light clues to help know what time it was. We’d be working outside in the garden, or going for a walk in the evening during the summer. Neighbors would be out, children playing in the street. Birds singing—and I’d feel totally exhausted. One glance at my watch would give the reason. It was 11 o’clock pm, again. Most people invest in very thick, heavy curtains that block out all light so you can go to sleep on time and sleep in longer than 4 am.

Black Gold: Takhini Wolves, Book 1And the farther north you go, the more you notice this. It’s an interesting part of living in the north, and something that the Granite Lake and Takhini stories have as a part of the story line. Tomorrow I’ll share an excerpt from BLACK GOLD that talks about the light.


Be sure to leave a comment at each of the WOLFIE WORLD TOUR sites for a chance to be entered to win a 50$ gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. As well, Vivian has guests at her blog—once you’re done here and visiting the tour, drop in a see which friend of the Wolfies is featured today.

To be entered in the giveaway just leave a comment or answer this question: what is the most remote place you have visited? What did you like/not like about it?

Here is the blog tour schedule:
September 1-2: Feeling Fictional

September 5-6: Ex Libris

September 9-10: The Book Pushers

September 11-12: My Disorganized Ramblings

September 13th – Release Day! Which also means that my review of Black Gold will be posted that day too.

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