Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A great book deal not to miss!

Today I would like to tell you about a fantastic book deal you shouldn't miss.

You might remember my praise and enthusiasm about Lucianne Rivers' Caldwell Sisters Trilogy which is a new contemporary romantic suspense series. The first novella HOLD ME tells the story of the eldest sister Jane and her trip to Guatemala.

Lucianne Rivers manages to portray the setting so vividly that I could easily picture the lush jungle, the suffocating damp heat and even hear the buzz of mosquitos!

You can read more about what I thought of HOLD ME in my review.

Then THRILL ME the second novella is Margo's story who went to the Virgin Islands to look for her father and found love instead.

This next instalment was just as good, steamy and thrilling as the first, and Margo's dry chuckle out loud humour was very entertaining.

Check out my review to learn a bit more about THRILL ME.

And now time for the announcement:

You might have guessed, the 3rd novella in the trilogy, the story of the little sister ENTICE ME was released!

And as  a special offer you can buy HOLD ME for only 0.99 USD until October 31!

So don't hesitate, this series is very well written, it has everything you could wish for: exotic setting, exciting plot, swoonworthy heroes and funny down to earth heroines. The perfect package, I tell you!

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