Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ex Libris celebrates its 2nd Blogoversary!! Come, celebrate with me! :-D

Button made by the very talented Susi! Thank you!!

I can't believe time has flown by so quickly, but there's no mistake: Ex Libris is 2 years old! I posted my very first review on 31 January 2010 and been blogging ever since :-D

These past 2 years were so much fun: I discovered so many fantastic new authors, became addicted to tons of great new series and most of all got to know and became friends with so many of you. Thank you all: authors, readers, bloggers, followers, publishers for making me enjoy blogging so much, it's mostly thanks to you!! (and of course all the wonderful books *winks* ;-p)

As every big event calls for celebration and as I had such a blast with the blogoversary celebrations last year I thought to up the festivities and make this year's celebrations even better and bigger than last year! And how will I do that? Easy, I invited the best of the best, the crème de la crème: those authors whose books shot to my favourite reads list and who I can wholeheartedly recommend to all of you. Those authors who get the Ex Libris Stamp of Approval!

So you want to know what you can expect from Ex Libris' 2nd Blogoversary Celebrations? A month long party with tons of fantastic authors, interesting posts and of course lots and lots of giveaways!!

There will be at least one guest and a giveaway each day and most of the giveaways will be open worldwide!!

So here is our schedule:

(Click on the separate giveaway links to be entered in the actual giveaway)

February 1 - Nadia Lee + Giveaway
February 2: Kersten Hamilton + Giveaway
February 3: Ruthie Knox + Giveaway
February 4: Elle Aycart + Giveaway
February 5: K.D. Grace + Giveaway
February 6: Gini Koch + Giveaway
February 7: Jill Shalvis + Giveaway
February 8: Candis Terry + Giveaway
February 9: Sierra Dean + Giveaway
February 10: Laura Kaye + Giveaway
February 11: Laura Bickle + Giveaway
February 12: Maggie Robinson + Giveaway
February 13: Erin Nicholas + Giveaway
February 14: Lorraine Heath + Giveaway
February 15: Felicity Heaton + Giveaway
Interview with Leslie Tentler + Giveaway
February 16: Laura Lee Guhrke + Giveaway
February 17: Kristan Higgins + Giveaway
February 18: Jessica Scott + Giveaway
February 19: Kaylea Cross + Giveaway
February 20: Kait Nolan + Giveaway
February 21: Delilah Marvelle + Giveaway
February 22: Julie James + Giveaway
February 23: Loretta Chase + Giveaway
February 24: Lila DiPasqua + Giveaway
February 25: Georgie Lee + Giveaway
February 26: Lavinia Kent + Giveaway
February 27: Carolyn Crane + Giveaway
February 28: Ann Mayburn + Giveaway
February 29: Jennifer Estep + Giveaway

Please fill out the form so I can reach you in case you win.
You only need to fill it out ONCE! Thank you!

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