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How I Write…And What’s It To You, Anyway? by Gini Koch + Giveaway

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Today's guest will be a familiar face and name to regulars of the blog, please give a warm welcome to the  very funny and full of comebacks extraordinary Gini Koch! Gini has achieved no small feat: she introduced me to a completely new genre (sci-fi romance), made me fall in love with her Kitty Katt/Alien series and at the same time shot straight to my favourite-authors-and-series list! Told you she was one of a kind! And then I haven't even told you about her mind-blowing series: it is action packed, romantic, incredibly funny, there are of course plenty of eye candy hunks and the mystery is so complex, you have to make attention not to get lost in the whirlwind of events! :-D So now that I have gushed about Gini and her wonderful series it's time for me to cede the blog to her, give it up for the fantastic Gini Koch!!

How I Write…And What’s It To You, Anyway?
By Gini Koch

People are always asking me how I write. And I don’t really know why.

I mean, they aren’t asking me about how I physically write (well, okay, some do, but they’re usually doing a survey to find out which authors out there are still clinging to manual typewriters and which ones live to do first drafts in longhand …but I digress…). No, they’re asking about my “process”.

My process, such as it is, really doesn’t strike me as query-worthy. And yet, because it was suggested that the Lovely Ex Libris Blog Readers (as I think of you in my mind) would be interested, I share it with you now.
I need music. Lots of music. Lots of loud music. Lots of rock ‘n’ roll music, to be precise. Well, it doesn’t have to be just rock ‘n’ roll. I’ll take pop, alternative, hip-hop, rap, country, western, big band, jazz, blues, oldies, goodies, Top 40, current trends, and whatever else you want to toss out there. As long as it has some kind of a beat and lyrics, I’ll listen to it.

Of course, it can never be THAT easy. I tend to need specific bands or songs for specific things I’m working on. For instance, when writing Touched by an Alien, despite my never mentioning it once IN the book, I listened to “Get the Picture?” by Smash Mouth. A lot. Literally constantly. To the point where my husband almost cried when I put on another band. And then he did cry when I went right back to Smash Mouth. (Until the book sold, and then, by golly, he was a-okay with Smash Mouth.)

Okay, so we have a fully stocked iPod. Check. What else might my process demand?


I don’t really write well in utter silence. (I’m writing this in silence right now. And I can practically HEAR some of you saying, “Oh, yeah, get that girl some TUNES.”) I can do it (again, note that you’re reading this) but I don’t like to do it (iTunes crashed on me, and I’m on a lot of deadlines, so we do soldier on), and I can only do it on a desperate need basis (I mentioned deadlines, right?).

Chaos is, thankfully, supplied by said husband, our three cats (aka The Killer Kitties), our three dogs (aka The Canine Death Squad), life in general, and our daughter. Chaos is never hard to come by around here.

So, we have tunes and we have chaos. Anything else? Well, chocolate never hurts (anything but my waistline) (but who cares…we’re talking CHOCOLATE), but it requires at least one hand in order to eat it, and so I tend to not really snack much while writing.

But I definitely drink.

Now, before someone gets worried, half the time, it’s not booze. (The other half? Well, I write at home, so no need for alarm, citizens!) No, my drink of choice is Coca-Cola. Preferably the Coke up from Mexico, where they still use glass bottles and real sugar. What I call Crack Coke (and if you’ve had it, you know why I call it that). I’ll drink Cherry Coke, too. And Dr Pepper. And Cherry Dr Pepper. And Barq’s Root Beer. And occasionally something else. But usually it’s Coke. (And yet, so far, the Coca-Cola Company has not seen fit to sponsor me! Why not? Seriously, Coca-Cola Marketing Department, WHY NOT? I mainline your product AND I name drop it at least twenty times a book. GIVE ME FREE CRACK COKE!) (*cough* It’s just a “spell”. I haven’t had a Coke in a few hours. It’ll pass, it’ll pass.)

Music, chaos, soda pop. Anything else, you ask?

Not really. I’m a simple creature, me.

Gini Koch lives in Hell’s Orientation Area (aka Phoenix, AZ), works her butt off (sadly, not literally) by day, and writes by night with the rest of the beautiful people. She writes the fast, fresh and funny Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt series for DAW Books and the Martian Alliance Chronicles series for Musa Publishing. She also writes under a variety of pen names (including G.J. Koch, Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton, and J.C. Koch), listens to rock music 24/7, and is a proud comics geek-girl willing to discuss at any time why Wolverine is the best superhero ever (even if Deadpool does get all the best lines). She speaks frequently on what it takes to become a successful author and other aspects of writing and the publishing business.

You can find Gini at her website / blog / Twitter Facebook / Goodreads / Alien Collective Headquarters

Touched by an Alien  Alien Tango  Alien in the Family


Gini has generously offered a signed personalized paperback copy of Alien Tango to a lucky commentator!

To be entered all you have to do is:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. leave a comment to Gini or tell us: what is one thing you absolutely need and couldn't do without? 

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 15 March 2012.

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