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Minor reader and writer mysteries that have been on my mind lately by Carolyn Crane + Giveaway

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I have been singing the praises of Carolyn Crane's Disillusonists series ever since I had the good fortune on stumbling on Mind Games, but if you haven't yet read this series I only have to say this: if I could only take a couple of books on a desert island with me to read for eternity, this trilogy would definitely be in my suitcase! Carolyn Crane's series is unique, witty, original and so full of delicious tension mmm... So listen to me: Read. It. Now! And now I'll cede the blog to Carolyn who is here to talk to you about the mysteries of the universe and also giving away prizes ;-) Please give her the warmest welcome!

Minor reader and writer mysteries that have been on my mind lately
by Carolyn Crane

Hello, everybody! First, a big congrats to Stella for inviting me here to help celebrate her big two years! Congrats, Stella, for building such a fun blog and an awesome community.

So onto the post: mysteries!


I think one of the hardest parts of being a writer is writing a story and trusting that it will ultimately work.

A story, when I’m starting it, is always a mystery, even though I may have it plotted out. Because I never know if it is really viable, if it will truly work. Will I discover good things in it? Does it have the strength and flexibility to contain all the excitement and fun and magic I want it to contain? Or is it doomed in a way I don’t see?

I think you have to forge ahead with a lot of blind faith. Even as a plotter, I’m still working on faith, and going forward into a mystery.

Oh, my this post is starting out so obliquely! But, it’s a post on mystery. What the hell!


Guest posts are a total mystery! I’ve actually never spoken to other writers or readers about this, but what are the best kind of guest posts? What kinds of posts do people enjoy most? Is it possible for you to do too many guest posts? Are interviews better?

Sometimes I do silly posts and I wonder, well, will people think I’m this silly person? But then I’ll do serious ones and I’ll wonder, is this entertaining?

However, I enjoy doing them and interacting with people, so I just do them. Look at me! Wheeee! Into the unknown! But I think posts and interviews are fun, and ways of organizing new thoughts. One of these days I’m going to do a poll on them, I think, and try to solve this particular mystery.


Have you ever noticed how, when reading a review, that the strangest little things will get you interested in a book or turned off to it? Well, it happens for me that way, anyway. Or, a positive review sometimes makes me not want a book, or a negative one piques my interest.

This is a way in which reviewers are dealing in mystery, too. You never know what effect you have, you just have to write what’s true for you, I guess. Or, sometimes when I’m reviewing, like on Goodreads, when I am SO excited about a book and just want everyone to try it, my review rarely comes out as compelling as when I just write up a book I liked pretty well.


This might just be me, but do you guys do that thing where, if you start a series on an ereader, you don’t want to continue it in print? You must continue it digitally? And, if you start in print you don’t want to go to ereader? You must continue in print? Or audio must continue as audio? Why is that?


What is so wonderful about the messed up hero? I can’t quit you, messed-up heroes!!

I just released DEVIL’S LUCK, this novella about a character from my series, Simon (3.5 in order, but you can totally read it first or second or whenever.)

Back when I was starting the series, I created Simon as a villain, a really troubling enemy for my heroine. Somebody threatening dark, reckless. I never meant him to be a hero…EVER! But here we are, two years later, and he’s a big favorite of mine.

He is reckless, he throws away the things he loves, he is dangerous, nobody can get close to him. And oh how I love him. Siiiiimon!! Why do the really questionable guys make such delicious heroes? Zsadist, Roarke, Adrian…the list is endless.


Why is it that an easy, quick blow-off blog post suddenly gets a million hits and comments, and a post you have slaved over insanely gets hardly any?


Why do I never, never get sick of looking at lovely dresses on the covers of books? Other readers must have the same feeling, or they wouldn’t keep making these dresses covers.

The other day I got some books in the mail - two were hot guy covers: DRAGON BOUND by Thea Harris and SOMETHING ABOUT WITCHES by Joey Hill. Did I spend a long time looking at the covers? No.

The others were A LADY AWAKENED by Cecilia Grant, A LOT LIKE LOVE by Julie James, and NOT WICKED ENOUGH by Carolyn Jewel, all with women wearing dishy dresses on them. I have those books out where I can see them all the time. The dress ones. I wear sweats and jeans in my life, but I love these pretty dress covers. Why do I eat up these dresses? I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THE DRESSES!


Have you noticed there is no agreement on the spelling of Blogoversary, which is sometimes spelled Blogiversary? And other times Blogaversary? I kind of like that. Because, it is a word our set sort of made up. Yet another mystery!!

But, however it’s spelled, Stella, I hope you have the most wonderful Blogoversary month ever! I’m honored to be in the company to help you celebrate. Many more happy blog years to you. Woo-hoo! *** throws confetti ***

I'm an urban fantasy author with Bantam/Spectra. I would describe my trilogy (Mind GamesDouble Cross, and Head Rush) as being on the plotty psychological intrigue end of the UF spectrum. With a tiny touch of hot luv action.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two daring cats, and I enjoy running and animals and taking baths and eating Mexican food, and in my day job, I'm a marketing writer.

To learn more about Carolyn and her books, visit her website / blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads


Carolyn has generously offered winner's choice of any of her backlist books (Mind GamesDouble Cross, Head Rush, Wild & Steamy or Devil's Luck - to be released tomorrow, woohoo!) to a lucky commentator!

To be entered all you have to do is:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. leave a comment and tell us about one of the universe's mysteries that boggles you! 

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 15 March 2012.

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