Tuesday, 3 April 2012

An amazing Kindle deal not to miss!

With all the New Releases posts I recently saw in the blogosphere The Slayer by Theresa Meyers caught my eye, I mean look at this cover, doesn't it look fantastic?

So being the cover lover that I am I immediately checked out the series and wanted to add it to my wishlist, and that's when I saw on Amazon that the 1st book in the series - The Hunter was on sale for $0.00 in the Kindle store right now!! As you can bet I grabbed a copy and can't wait to start this series, it really looks exciting, don't you agree?

So anyway you can grab your free copy of The Hunter here:

and if you are already a fan of the series or prefer to have the 2nd book on hand in case of evil cliffhangers The Slayer is only $4.97 in the Kindle store (or $6.99 in paperback)!

So hurry get your copy now while the offer still stands!!

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