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Why I chose Sci-Fi Romance by L.K. Rigel + Giveaway

As part of the Romance and Me Reading Challenge since April is Sci-fi Romance month, as a special treat I invited sci-fi romance author L.K. Rigel to the blog to ask her why she chose this sub-genre of romance and what makes it special and dear to her heart. Take it away Linda! :-)

Stella, thank you so much for letting me be part of the Science Fiction Romance month in your year-long mission to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where readers have never gone before.

Why SFR? Science fiction is all about the “what if” factor. There’s fun and intrigue in made-up societies, sets of rules, expectations, and possibilities. Sometimes an alternate world best illustrates our own.

Combine these unknowns with the known quantities of a romance novel—the promise the adventure will be worth it and love will win in the end—and Science Fiction Romance gives us the best of two genres!

The “what if” question in the Apocalypto series is: What if the gods are real, and when human beings hopelessly screw up the earth’s ecosystem the gods return to run things?

Further, what if the environmental pollution caused serious mutations in organic life and weakened human fertility so that new methods of recreation were developed? How would that change the relationship between men and women? Would a fertile woman suddenly have more power just because she was able to reproduce?

In Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, fertile women were captured and controlled like breeding stock. I wanted to explore the opposite outcome, that women control the particulars—the procedures and the rewards—of breeding.

So far, there are three books in the series. Space Junque is a brief introduction to how the world fell apart. Spiderwork is an origin tale, the story of Red City and its traditions. Why do the chalices have dogs? Why are they forbidden to love? What do all those tattoos mean? Bleeder takes place after the new world order is well established, and the chalice Mallory questions the privileges—and the obligations—that come with breeding heirs for kings.

What better genre to explore these ideas than Science Fiction Romance?

LK Rigel lives in California with her cat, Coleridge. She was once a singing waitress, scored the independent science fantasy karate movie Lucid Dreams, and was a reporter for the Sacramento Rock 'N Roll News. Her BA is in humanities and religious studies. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama and Tattoo Highway. Her short story "Slurp" will appear in Anne Frasier's 2011 Halloween anthology Deadly Treats published by Nodin Press.

You can find LK at her website:

Space Junque, a Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 1)  Spiderwork, a Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 2)  Bleeder, A Romantic Science Fiction Fantasy (Apocalypto 3)

You can read my review of the Apocalypto series here: 


Linda has generously offered an ebook copy of Spiderwork and a $25 Amazon Gift Card to a lucky winner who posts a review of any sci-fi romance and leaves the link HERE.

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 1 May 2012!

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