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Guest post by Kathleen Pickering + Giveaway


Ex Libris . . . from the books. Thank you, Stella, for inviting me here to introduce Where It Began, the first of four Super Romances I'm slotted to write through 2014.

Ex Libris . . . from the books . . . so many stories, life experiences, memorable moments come from the books. I have my favorites, as no doubt, do you. We have our cherished novels that we re-read to rejuvenate our psyche because our being draws something organic from the books.

From the book, Where It Began, I conjured a tropical fantasy world where the sexy, sultry Latina, Maria Santiago can no longer tolerate the amnesia resulting from a boating accident that killed her precious twin sister and her mother. Meanwhile, her father's to-die-for boat captain, Daniel Murphy del-Rio, resists her demand that he take her on a three week voyage on her father's sailboat to return to the scene of the accident in the Bahamas.

While a celebrated South Florida artist, Maria has become a recluse and completely unaware that Daniel is not only her lover, but her fiance who has been waiting out a torturous year hoping her memory would return her to his waiting arms. Instead, she has ignored Daniel del Rio at best, thinking he is a gold-digging employee shadowing her ailing father rather than lead a life of his own.

Maria does not know that Daniel is a celebrity in his own right as a world-cup sailboat racer. He is also the son of her father's best friend. Daniel halted his career and followed doctor's orders not to confuse Maria with facts she can not remember, including her engagement to Daniel.

Daniel ultimately, agrees to Maria's demand because he cannot deny Maria anything she asks, or can he resist the opportunity for solitary time alone in close quarters with the one woman who has rocked his heart and soul. Yet, should he take Maria back to where it all began she may very well remember that Daniel was at the helm of the boat on the fateful day of those tragic deaths. Daniel believes that if Maria finally learns the truth, she will hate him and destroy any chance they have of recovering their love, but he has no choice. It is his fate to be ground zero when Maria's memory returns.

So, from this book, Where It Began, we see one lover seeking redemption, while the other seeks knowledge. It is my hope that the blend of these two noble desires ignites a passion in the reader as well as the characters who can only hope that love conquers all.

I had a blast doing the on-site research for Where It Began. I spent two weeks in the Abacos (Bahamas) cruising those turquoise waters with my own hunky, touchable hero all the while thinking, “What If” about my characters, Maria Santiago and Daniel Murphy del-Rio while we dove on the reefs, did none-of-your-business in the the oceanfront cottage, or sailed with as few clothes as possible on the sprawling sail boat from island to island.

So tell me. Do you believe love conquers all? If you were Maria Santiago, would you offer Daniel redemption? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love,
Kathleen Pickering

Kathleen Pickering is an award winning author of romance and women’s fiction. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America and attends conferences for her favorite activity of author networking. Kathleen contributes her time assisting author colleagues with their conferences and holds workshops on the craft, muse and business of writing.

Kathleen has two grown sons and loves to travel for fun and on-site research for her novels. She lives in south Florida, swims with dolphins and dances to any music that moves her. Her motto: Live, let live and write about it!
You can find Kathleen at her website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

Where It Began by Kathleen Pickering

Going back to go forward . . .

Daniel Del Rio never could say no to Maria Santiago. So although their relationship is over, when she asks him to sail her to the Bahamas, he reluctantly agrees. She's convinced that revisiting the scene of her accident will restore her memory. If it does, then maybe he can finaly let go and move on with his life.

But moving on seems impossible when being in such close quarters reminds him of what they once had. Could their proximity be having the same effect on her? As he falls for Maria, Daniel realizes he has to confess his role in the accident...even if that confession could cost him a second chance with her.


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