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Interview with Elle Aycart + Giveaway

One of the best book surprises of 2011 was More than Meets the Ink a steamy contemporary romance penned by Elle Aycart (you can read my review here), so when I heard that Book #2 was in the making I was impatient to get my hands on it! Finally the day has come, Heavy Issues, the story of the second Bowen brother is released and Elle stops by to answer some of my most burning questions about the series and the creative process (you can read my review of Heavy Issues here). So please give Elle a warm welcome, if you haven't read this series and you like your romance novels steamy pick them up! And if you share your thoughts with us, you could even win a copy of Heavy Issues.

Stella: When you started writing More Than Meets the Ink, was it a standalone project/story or was it the first in a series even at the start?

Elle: More than Meets the Ink was definitely a standalone project, as a matter of fact it wasn't even a project. I wrote it for fun, and I wasn't sure whether I was going to follow the story all the way to Boston or just leave it at their stay in Florida. Then I finished those first chapters and by then I had fallen in love with James and Tate and felt compelled to see their story through until the end.

Stella: When did you realize there were other characters whose story you also wanted to tell?

Elle: I'm not sure, I'd say it was at the end of the book when I realized I myself wanted to know more about Cole, Max, and Elle. Then, after More than Meets the Ink was published, I got a ton of emails asking about Jack, James's friend, and I got curious about him too ;-)

Stella: Share a bit about More than Meets the Ink: what inspired it, any funny or interesting tidbit to share about the writing process?

Elle: Many people are surprised when they find out that More than Meets the Ink's first chapter is based in real life. My mother-in-law, God bless her heart, pulled a similar stunt because she was convinced her neighbour had killed her cat. Pity the neighbour's son wasn't someone like James Bowen.

I had a great time writing about James and Tate in Florida. Those seniors were a riot. I hadn't read any romances set in a retirement community, so I thought it would be interesting to give it a go.

Stella: Now tell us about Heavy Issues: how/when did the heroine take shape, how did you know what kind of woman Cole needed? And what about Cole's "heavy issues"?

Elle: HI was a difficult book to write. Both the hero and heroine are very complex characters, both damaged, both real, and I wanted to do justice to them. Cole was very clear to me from the beginning, but Christy took shape later on. I had written the first 3-4 chapters before I realized Cole needed someone like Christy.

Christy is a very intelligent and compassionate woman yet she's psychologically damaged by her emotional eating disorder. She's somehow over it now, but it has left her with a bunch of body and self-esteem issues that she needs to overcome in order to find happiness. Cole helps her with that, while she helps him deal with his abandonment issues.

Cole is... Cole, no other way to describe him lol.

He is a sexy ex-Marine who doesn't do relationships, a take-charge kind of guy who's sworn to love them and leave them. He has plenty of emotional baggage he has to work through; he'd been hurt early in life by her mother abandoning him and as a result he'd closed off. Until Christy. Then his barriers proved useless; she waltzed through all of them and that terrified him, which brought him to make very stupid decisions to protect himself.

I loved Cole. Yes he's demanding and possessive and controlling, but he's golden. At least in my eyes.

Stella: Tell us a bit about the story behind the titles.

Elle: I suck very badly at coming up with titles, so I have left that to my husband. He's the one who came up with More than Meets the Ink and Heavy Issues. It's the same process every time; I tell him in a nutshell what the book is about and who my hero and heroine are, and then we brainstorm. Well, he brainstorms and I watch and wrinkle my nose when he suggests silly titles. It takes several days but he always comes up with a couple of good ones. Last word is always the publishing house's though. Funny thing is, he hasn't read any of my books.

You can read more Q&A with Elle and have a second chance at winning Heavy Issues here at Book Lovers Inc.

Where to find Elle: Website / Goodreads

More Than Meets The Ink by Elle Aycart

Wickedly sexy James Bowen is a bad boy of the highest order -- tattoos and attitude included -- which unfortunately ranks way up on Tate's not-a-chance-in-hell list, right there along with skydiving naked over Teheran and juggling Ebola vials just for kicks. But what the heck, she's on holiday, the guy is absolutely irresistible, and she needs to unplug from her life. With her dad and brother gone, Tate is left to deal with the family restaurant, which is fast going down the drain. Her employees are acting out, her boyfriend has bailed out, and her very own private stalker is emailing her to death with lovely threats of doom, fire, and dismemberment. So yeah, maybe a little holiday fling is in order. Strictly sex though, and no follow-up whatsoever once.

She hadn't counted on her take-charge holiday fling having an opinion of his own and stubbornly sticking around, before and after the sex, making himself at home in her life. There is definitely more to James than meets her prejudiced eye, and even if she's not ready to look deeper, James isn't prepared to permit her not to.

Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart

Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother's engagement sending the female population into full-blown hysterics and the town of Alden's month-long festivities helping along, he finds himself in hell. When he discovers Alden's new resident and the object of all his wet dreams, Christine Sheridan, has sworn off relationships and is going to hire a gigolo to get professionally laid, he decides to kill two birds with one stone.

Christy is so not drinking again. Thanks to José Cuervo she has her friends signing her up for stud conventions and Cole frigging Bowen offering sex in exchange of fake dates, which is so out of the question it isn't even funny. She knows the domineering man will push her boundaries, and after battling all her life with self-esteem issues, she isn't ready for that. Too bad he won't take no for an answer.

Cole is determined to strip away all of her defenses but refuses to lower his ever-present walls, so when Christy realizes she wants more, she's left with only two options; walk away or crack his shield and risk her heart in the process.


Elle has generously offered one ebook copy of Heavy Issues to a lucky commentator.

To be entered all you have to do is leave a comment about the interview or ask a question to Elle, or tell us: do you prefer to read series or stand alone stories? Or tell us: if you were a compulsive/emotional eater what food would be the death of you?

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Good luck!

You can read more Q&A with Elle and have a second chance at winning Heavy Issues here at Book Lovers Inc.

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