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Guest post by Susannah Noel + Giveaway

My guest today is Susannah Noel, who stops by Ex Libris to chat about her new book, Word and Breath, the first in an exciting and unique urban fantasy/paranormal series. So please give her a warm welcome and read on to learn more about the fascinating world she has created for the series (and you could also win a copy of Word and Breath)! ;-)

Thank you for having me on Ex Libris, Stella! I’m excited to talk about Word and Breath today. I particularly want to share about a new paranormal creature called a Soul-Breather.

Word and Breath is the first book of a paranormal romance series set in a dystopian world.

The world of Word and Breath is post-apocalyptic. Civilization has redeveloped, so there are once again cities, computers, cars, and other familiar elements of urban life. A few key things have changed, though. One entire continent is dominated by a totalitarian government called the Union. Slowly, the world has stopped reading, so most people aren’t literate anymore. And paranormal creatures called Soul-Breathers have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

Soul-Breathers can know someone intimately simply by touching them. They make a deep connection—called “breathing”—through skin-to-skin contact. Through that connection, they can feel what someone is feeling, extract particular memories, relieve intense emotion, and even intensify certain feelings.

They can’t be recognized just by sight, and they can be dangerous. Many of them work as covert agents for the government, collecting information and discovering secrets. That’s how Riana, the main character of Word and Breath, encounters her first Soul-Breather. But it doesn’t turn out like either of them expect!

For a taste of what a Soul-Breather can do, I’m including a brief excerpt from the book:

“Can you do it? Now?” She looked down at his strong, warm hands still holding one of hers.

Without speaking, he opened the connection from the contact of their hands. It was just a faint one, but she felt a delicious tug at her spirit.

“What does it feel like?” she asked, wanting to know him even more deeply and also genuinely curious.

He broke the connection with a thick gasp. It took him a minute to answer. “Have you ever met someone’s eyes—maybe just accidently across a room—and you made a connection with them? For just that instant, you know what they’re feeling. You feel what they’re feeling. You’ve connected.”

“Yeah,” she said.

“That’s what it’s like. Only deeper.”

“Oh.” She wanted to touch him again, but his whole body had tensed up. “Does it always…does it always affect you like this?”

He smiled and slid a hand around the back of her neck. “Of course not. Not any more than you’re affected by every man you meet.” He pulled her closer and said against her lips. “I only get this way with you.”

About the author:

Susannah wrote her first paranormal novel when she was twelve years old--a time-travel romance written in a spiral-bound notebook that eventually starred all her friends. Since then, she has been writing romantic fiction of all varieties, including paranormal, contemporary, and historical. She can usually be found working on her laptop.

She has a PhD in British literature and teaches at a university in Virginia. She is currently working on the second Wordless Chronicle.

Connect with Susannah at her website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads.

Word and Breath by Susannah Noel

Book #1 in the Wordless Chronicles series

Riana has learned how to stay out of trouble. She spends her days studying written texts in the government’s Office of Readers, and she spends her nights taking care of her sick sister. She always—always—follows the rules. Despite her low profile, she has mysteriously become a target. Someone has kidnapped her sister. Someone else is trying to kill her. And someone has sent a Soul-Breather to beguile her out of her secrets.

Her help comes from the mythic leader of an underground rebel movement. A man who used to be her friend. A man who has silently loved her for years. He disappeared from her life without a word, and now he expects her to trust him again.

Then there’s the Soul-Breather, a man who can taste her spirit with only a touch. He makes her feel things she’s never experienced before, but she doesn’t know if the feelings are real. Hired to deceive and betray her, he offers to help her instead.

Without both men, she can’t rescue her sister. And she can’t discover the world-changing knowledge—buried in her memory—that has made her a target in the first place.


Susannah has generously offered an ebook copy of Word and Breath to a lucky commenter!

To be entered just leave a comment answering Susannah's question: Who is your favorite paranormal hero in fiction, television or movies?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 14 September 2012!

Good luck!

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