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Interview with Erin Nicholas + Giveaway

I'm extremely happy today not only because I got to welcome back again to Ex Libris the lovely Erin Nicholas, but also because she brought along Kevin and Eve the hero and heroine of Just A Kiss the 5th book in the Bradfords series! So join us while we talk amongst others, first impressions, first loves and first fights and you could even win a copy of any of the Bradford books your collection still needs! ;-)

Stella: Hi Erin, so glad to have you back at Ex Libris! You are here for a significant event: to celebrate the release of Just A Kiss, the latest and last *gulps* instalment of your very popular and much beloved Bradfords series, congratulations!

Erin: Thanks, Stella! You know I always love being here :-)

Stella: Can you tell readers what they can expect of Just A Kiss?

Erin: Just A Kiss feels like a book that’s been in process for about three years now :-) We first meet Kevin, the hero, in the very first book in the series, Just Right, and he appears and has a significant role in all of the other books, especially book four, Just For Fun. Readers have been getting to know Kevin all this time and now it’s finally time to see how his true love story plays out.

Just A Kiss is fun and sexy like all the other books in the series, but it’s also a bit more emotional and deals with some bigger issues like faith and trust and family and what that all really means.

Readers will also see all of the Bradford gang that they’ve come to know and love :-)

Stella: Just A Kiss is Kevin’s story, the most tame and gentle one of the guys, the God-fearing praying hunk. How did Kevin rate with fans compared to the other guys? Did you have an (un)official poll, what is the popularity ranking of the Bradford heroes? I’m seriously curious :-)

Erin: It’s funny… every one of the guys has his little group of devoted fans but I will say that I think readers are most curious about Kevin. Because of his faith and because we don’t know much about his past other than a few hints in Just For Fun, I think he’s probably the most intriguing of the guys. I’ve had so many readers tell me that they can’t wait to find out more about him and a lot of that is what a great friend and steady influence he’s been on the other guys.

Stella: You must have had a few brainstorming sessions, doubts and worries since you write pretty steamy romances and Kevin is a conscientious, believing Christian, was writing Just A Kiss more of a challenge than the previous books because of this?

Erin: Boy was it ever! I’ve also gotten to know Kevin over a really long period of time and I had to be true to who he is and what he believes. But I also knew that I couldn’t suddenly throw an inspirational romance into this series! :-) So I had to do a lot of thinking about the right woman for Kevin. Of course, as soon as I “met” Eve the whole thing fell into place. But yes, their story was more of a challenge because of faith issues on both sides, as well as their history together. They’ve had a bumpy road :-)

I’ve also been nervous to introduce Eve to all the avid Bradford fans. I think readers feel very attached to Kevin and have HIGH expectations for the woman who gets to spend her life with him and I wonder if anyone will be good enough for him in the readers’ eyes! :-)

Stella: Could you introduce Kevin and Eve, the heroine and hero of Just A Kiss?

Erin: I’m going to let them introduce each other :-)

Here’s what’s going through Kevin’s mind when he first sees Eve again:

He’d wanted her since she’d first smiled at him when they were seventeen.

Eve had always seemed small to him. She was five-eight with legs that went on and on, but she was thin and lanky. Not that she would have appreciated either term. She’d always called herself awkward and skinny. She didn’t have much for curves, it was true, but he’d found plenty to appreciate. Her breasts were perfect, her hips just right. Her long dark hair, her big brown eyes, her creamy skin made him want to touch everything—and never stop.

Jed Hill as Kevin
Photo by Rick Day
And here are some of Eve’s thoughts on Kevin:

She propped her shoulder against the doorway to watch him. His faded blue jeans had obviously been worn enough that they were soft and fit his ass perfectly. He wore a simple black T-shirt but it hugged his chest and shoulders outlining his shape and strength, making her shiver remembering how easily he could lift and move her and how big he was—all over. Then he raked his fingers through his hair and the shirt pulled up from the waistband of his jeans, revealing a strip of skin dusted with dark hair and she wanted to push it up further and further, licking every inch of the skin she exposed as she went.

Rachel Leigh Cook as Eve
 Stella: If you could have your dream cast who would play them?

Erin: Oh, boy… I don’t know! I really think the couple on the cover of the book look SO much like how I picture these two! :-) Okay, if I have to pick and I don’t know if this guy acts, but he was my inspiration for Kevin (and I’m not sure, looking like that, if he needs to be able to act… Jed Hill (see photo above).

For Eve, maybe Rachel Leigh Cook. She has the right look in this photo.

Stella: And now let’s have Couple’s Therapy: Kevin, Eve, thanks for joining us.

Kevin grins: Sure, thanks for having us. Eve smiles, but is looking a little uncomfortable.

Stella: If you had to introduce each other, what 3 words would you use to describe the other?

Kevin nudges Eve: you go first.
Eve laughs and shakes her head: No way. I can’t wait to hear this.
Kevin rolls his eyes: Sassy, smart and unpredictable.
Eve grins: Sure, now I have to say three nice ones.
Kevin: Unpredictable is nice?
Eve: Absolutely. Okay for him: loyal, strong—inside and out-- and sexy.
Kevin raises an eyebrow: You want sexy as number three?
Eve: Definitely. It’s very important.
Kevin: I know. I just thought maybe you’d want to move it up to number one.

Stella: What is the quality that you like the most in the other and the one that drives you up the wall?

Kevin: It’s the same quality for me that I love and hate the most-- she will absolutely tell you what she honestly thinks about everything every time. (He squeezes Eve’s knee as he says it, with clear affection)

Eve: What I love best about him is that I know he’ll always do what he says he’s going to do. I can trust him. What drives me crazy is that he’s very hard on himself. He always thinks he has to do everything perfectly every time.

Stella: What was your first fight about?

Kevin: Church
Eve: Church

Stella: Was there a specific moment you realized “wow, I just love that person!”?

Kevin, without hesitation: The first time I saw her sitting in Algebra II.

Eve smiles softly: Probably the first time I looked up at church and saw him sitting in the pew all by himself. I knew he was there just to impress me and my father, but I knew that was a big deal.

Stella: And since you have been together in high school and have so much history, what is one of your favourite memories of your relationship?

Kevin: The first time she agreed to sneak out of the house to meet me. (he gives her a mischievous grin) She was a good girl and I knew if she was willing to do that, she was all mine.

Eve (blushing a little from Kevin’s answer): Again, the first time I saw him sitting in church. I knew he was there for me. He was this big, popular, good-looking guy who could have any girl in the school and he was coming to church—clearly uncomfortable—to get closer to me. It meant a lot before I even knew just what a big deal that really was for him.

Stella: Can you share with us some little secret trivia about each other, something that not many people know?

Kevin: She loves football, but she’s an even bigger hockey fan.

Eve: He’s a really good singer. And he knows all the words to several Taylor Swift songs.

Stella: Can you tell us any behind the scenes secret related to Just A Kiss? (either to the writing process, or some tidbit about the characters, a scene that didn’t end up in the final version, etc.)

Erin: I can tell you that I rewrote the first scene where Kevin and Eve are together about six times! It was so important to get that first meeting— their reunion— right that it took awhile to get it down!

Stella: And are you seriously telling us that this was the last Bradford novel and we’ll have to say goodbye to the guys and girls for good? *teary eyed Stella*

Erin: Aww… well, um… *ahem* I guess I can’t say that for sure. All I can say right now is that the words “spin off series” have been thrown around a bit.

Stella: Oh yay!! *bounces up and down excitedly in her seat* Until you are ready to reveal more about that, can you tell us what we shall expect from you, what is next on your schedule?

Erin: :-) Of course! Spring of 2013 I have a book coming out called Hitched that I’m really excited about it. It’s book four in a four-book series that I wrote with three of my best writing friends Kelly Jamieson, Meg Benjamin and Sydney Somers. The books are Jilted, Bolted, Busted and Hitched and they take place at a wedding-gone-wrong in the fictional town of Promise Harbor, Massachusetts. We’ve had a lot of fun with the books so far and look forward to having them out in March and April!

Stella: Sounds like a lot of fun, can't wait! Thanks Erin for stopping by and congrats on the release of Just A Kiss! :-)

She’s unforgettable…and that’s exactly what got him into trouble the first time.

The Bradfords, Book 5

As a paramedic in the busiest ER in the city, Kevin Campbell knows there’s no such thing as a typical night—but this one definitely has them all beat.

His dad’s been stabbed with a fork, his mom’s been in a fight, and it’s all because of a younger half-brother he never knew existed. And if that’s not enough, everyone seems to agree that Kevin should take the boy in for the six months during his mom’s rehab. Oh, and the annulment he thought he got fourteen years ago? Never went through.

It’s really too bad he gave up drinking and swearing.

Eve Donnelly is shocked to see Kevin again, but not surprised they’re still married. After all, she was the one who refused to sign the annulment papers. Now that she’s got Kevin back in her life, nothing else matters. Not even her past fourteen less-than-virtuous years. In fact, the truth about her life without Kevin isn’t even worth bringing up. She hopes.

When Eve offers to help Kevin with his younger brother, a sweet, devout preacher’s daughter seems like an answered prayer. Besides, things can’t get more complicated. Can they?

Product Warnings: Contains a bad boy gone good, a good girl who knows all about being bad, and lots of hot, sweet, so-this-is-how-married-couples-do-it sex.

Buy at Amazon - Samhain


Erin has generously offered winner's choice of either an ebook of Just A Kiss or any of the first 4 Bradford books to a lucky winner!

To be entered to win all you have to do is

1) either leave a comment or a question (for Erin or Kevin and Eve),
2) or tell us what would you call the next Bradford book if there would be one: Just _________?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 10 November 2012!

Good luck!

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