Friday, 1 March 2013

Time to Celebrate Ex Libris' 3rd Blogoversary! Come, join the fun! :-)

Thank you to Susi for the pretty badge! :-)

Hey Everyone!

Another year has gone by (rather whooshed), and as I promised you it's time to celebrate that Ex Libris turned 3! I can recall so vividly when I started the blog 3 years ago, and to be honest I never even imagined I would love it so much and that my little blog would be read and liked by so many, so thank you!

Thank you to all you readers who are interested in what I have to say, for your time and that you choose to read Ex Libris, thank you for your comments, it is always a joy reading them.

When I started I would have thought that blogging was a solitary occupation, kind of like writing in an online journal, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Thanks to blogging I got to "meet" so many wonderful people:     readers, bloggers, authors, one thing we all share is that we are bookaholics and are always up to passionately discuss our latest reads! :-D

As it is now customary, to celebrate Ex Libris' 3rd Blogoversary I planned month long festivities, inviting some of my favourite authors whose work I absolutely want you to discover, because you don't know what you are missing! ;-) So trust me, join me in the festivities, discover some new authors and more great books and most of all: have fun! :-D

So you now what you can expect from Ex Libris' 3rd Blogoversary Celebrations? A month long party with tons of fantastic authors, interesting posts and of course lots and lots of giveaways!!

There will be at least one guest and a giveaway each day and most of the giveaways will be open worldwide!!

So here is our schedule
(links will be added as the dates roll around):

(Click on the separate giveaway links to be entered in the actual giveaway)

March 1 - Lily Harlem
March 2 - Jessica Scott
March 3 - Kristan Higgins
March 4 - Laura Kaye
March 5 - Sophie Barnes
March 6 - Jennifer Bernard
March 7 - Ann Mayburn
March 8 - Christi Barth
March 9 - Amanda Usen
March 10 - Maggie Robinson
March 11 - Ruthie Knox
March 12 - K.D. Grace
March 13 - Candis Terry
March 14 - Kaylea Cross
March 15 - Karen Erickson
March 16 - Vanessa Kelly
March 17 - Jess Haines
March 18 - Kelly Jamieson
March 19 - Victoria James
March 20 - Sierra Dean
March 21 - HelenKay Dimon
March 22 - Gini Koch
March 23 - Wendy Soliman
March 24 - Jaci Burton
March 25 - Alyssa Everett
March 26 - Robin Bielman
March 27 - Laura Bickle
March 28 - Nadia Lee
March 28 - Jennifer Estep
March 29 - Heather Snow
March 30 - Erin Nicholas
March 31 - Hope Tarr

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