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Guest post by Sara Fawkes + Giveaway

Today I have a very special and unusual post: erotica authors tend to be rather mysterious and keep the details of their personal lives and themselves well.. to themselves. But not today. Today, successful erotica author Sara Fawkes is here to share with you 5 tidbits that people don't know about her, so if you are curious to learn more about her take a seat, read on and you could even win a copy of her latest release: FLING: a BDSM Erotica Anthology!

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me
by Sara Fawkes

I'll admit to being a bit, hm, lax in posting personal information online. I suppose it's a throwback to the early interwebz where everyone cautioned you to keep yourself "safe". These days with Facebook and Twitter and blogs, many people are putting their real selves out there in a much more public and widespread way. I still like to hold a few things back though; some may call this "keeping the mystery", I just say it's because I'm boring.

Then again, I've always been my own worst critic.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I'd give a few tidbits into the life at Casa de Fawkes and let you judge for yourself: am I a boring old writer?

1.) I love to write.

This one's a no-brainer given my current profession, but it really hit home recently just how much I love this when my aunt uncovered some of my first "books". They were small stapled paper and crayon creations; I must have been in preschool, but that didn't mean I couldn't write. Dinosaurs, unicorns and horses were apparently my favorite subjects back in those days, given the subject matter on these books. In middle school, I typed out two books on the school library computers about telepathic animals, one a tiger and another a horse; I think it would be a hoot to read them today but alas they've been lost in time. On weekends, I used to love being dropped off at the public library; I'd take my notebook and, if I couldn't find a book to read, I'd write my own stories. My parents still have some of those notebooks hidden away - that would be a fun memory lane to travel down.

2.) I heart motorcycles.

I blame the Dude, who taught me how to ride: it's such a freeing feeling being on the road, focusing on nothing else than the bike, keeping an eye on cars that might pull out and try to kill you. A lot of riders talk about a zen state while on their bikes; even if you have a jumble in your head and a mess in your life, when you get on that bike it's all you can focus on. It's soothing, even if you just take a ride around town. For this ADD chica, that's a blessing sometimes! Right now I have five bikes - at what point do you call this an addiction?

3.) I love to travel.

The Berlin Wall
This one I blame on my parents, but it's a good thing. I was born in Germany and lived there for six years of my childhood. We went EVERYWHERE, saw everything. On our last trip to East Berlin, we happened upon it right as the wall was falling; the guards who had always seemed so stern when we passed Checkpoint Charlie were now smiling and posing together for the cameras. People stood atop the Berlin Wall and the whole scene was a mad, glad pandemonium. Even though we moved back to the States, I never could get that travel bug out of my head. That's probably why in my books, I love going off to exotic locales and "seeing" foreign lands. Everywhere I write about are places I want to eventually visit, or have seen already and want to go again.

4.) I am a California girl.

I've seen and lived in a lot of places in the US, from the Pacific Northwet to the Deep South to the Midwest. I've lived and experienced a lot of states, and states of mind. But always, ALWAYS, I come back to California. I won't preach its merits - it's expensive, the politics are laughable sometimes, we have interesting governors and legislation, etc - but even though I'll go see some of the wonders of the world, I'm always so happy to come home. Many people think the place they come from is the best and, while I don't necessarily think what I love is for everyone, it sure works for me. ;)

5.) I'm a redhead.

I'm shy about posting pictures of me online, but I have mentioned it now and again on my blog. Being a redhead has made life interesting to be sure; people seem to think we gingers have superpowers or something. I've had my hair color blamed for my picking up motorcycles, being so outspoken, being so creative, etc etc. People also think that it makes me a total sexpot, like the old adage "Red in the head, fire in the hole." … yeah, that's really sexy there guys. But, let's be honest, the Dude ain't complaining. ;)

So, what other questions about me do you want answered? I’d love to know what’s on your mind!

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