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Book Review: The Right Temptation by Diane Escalera + Giveaway

Title: The Right Temptation
Author: Diane Escalera 
Series: Book #2 in the Latin Heat trilogy
Release Date: 21 June 2013
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Number of pages: 94 pages
Source: ebook provided by the author for review
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Read an excerpt

Grade: 3 stars

Novellus bonus!
Goodreads appetizer: Can a childhood crush mature into the real thing? Kayla Martinez has recently landed an RN position at a prestigious hospital in her hometown. The new job is everything she's hoped for, especially when one hot specimen shows up in the ER. She hasn't seen her childhood crush in years, and considering how much hotter he's gotten over time, she almost ends up needing resuscitation.

The last thing Nico LaCosta needs is a broken arm. Now his pal's kid sister wants to soothe his pain, but he'd rather keep his distance so her big brother doesn't break his other arm. Kayla's no child anymore, though. She's one hot-blooded woman, determined to remind him of a mind-blowing kiss back when they were teenagers. Leave it to Kayla to drop by his house unannounced and play Nurse Seductive. A guy has to follow the buddy code, or face the consequences. Still, sometimes giving in to temptation is worth it...

My Thoughts: I have read a couple of Diane Escalera's stories (Dangerous Desire and Still Hot For You) so I knew I could expect a hot, explosive muy caliente romance and The Right Temptation certainly delivered.

It is the story of Kayla and Nico (cousin of the hero in Diane Escalera's previous novella Still Hot For You, but there is no other connection, so no worries if you haven't read that one first, the two stories are complete standalones): they have pretty much grown up together since Nico is/was the best friend of Kayla's big brother. And although Kayla has been harboring a massive crush for Nico ever since she first discovered guys weren't all "eww", Nico has abided by the "thou shall not touch your friend's little sister" rule.

However, when chance lands Nico in Kayla's hospital she takes matters into her own hands and decides it's about time she got what she wanted, and that is Nico. So she takes out all the stops and starts an attack temptation Nico has no chance of resisting.

The story flew smoothly and Diane Escalera's writing was once again full of heat and sizzling, my problem came from Kayla. She was a heroine I found a bit obsessive:
“Get me something plastic and I’ll hook you up,” Kayla said. She stopped swinging and leveled a look at him. Her wicked smile could’ve shattered the defenses of Homeland Security, let alone his. Kayla didn’t just want to hook him up. She wanted to hook up. Period.
“I’m glad you came. How long has it been, anyway?”
“I don’t know, like four or five years.” Last time they’d talked, she’d just started her senior year in high school. They’d run into each other at the local bodega and he’d actually said a few words. It had been exactly five years, three months and ten days. But he didn’t need to know that.
and at times I had the impression she was/acted way younger than her years warranted with all the "omigod", "yum" and "hot", she made me think of a high school girl with an infatuating crush.

Nico was a sexy hero, though in The Right Temptation it is Kayla without a doubt who has the reins in her hands and acted as the mastermind/puppetmaster. Though I admit that to mount such an irresistible seduction she had to be determined, confident and ballsy, maybe my lack of sympathy stems from being envious she has the cojones to go after what wants and really get the man. ;-)

Verdict: The Right Temptation was a short and steamy story one could gobble up in one sitting. It has a very determined heroine hell bent on seduction and a hot Latino man trying to do the honourable thing and resist her. If you are in the mood for witty repartee, hot seduction and even hotter lovemaking you should give it a go!

Plot: 7/10 - I love the childhood friends to lovers idea
Characters: 6/10 - wasn't really a fan of Kayla
Writing: 7/10
Ending: 6/10
Cover: 7/10


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