Monday, 14 October 2013

I've Got News: Welcome Anna! :-)

Hey Everyone!

I've got an announcement to make. But before I get to the main event, let's rewind a bit and let me tell you the background

So you might remember that besides Ex Libris I also blogged at Book Lovers Inc., and was part of the international book reviewer team there for tha past (almost) 4 years! (wow)

I had so much fun, we laughed and talked and got worked up over books and it was a hoot. But lately real life became busier for all of us: weddings, house moves and job changes happened, and as you could see on Ex Libris as well, keeping up with the blog(s) has been challenging.

So sadly we have decided to put Book Lovers Inc. on hiatus. It was a sad day waving goodbye to the Girls, because they were not just my teammembers anymore but great friends as well.

But there was someone I knew I didn't want to say goodbye to. A girl with whom writing up dual reviews came much more easily (and was so much more fun!) than writing reviews on my own, with whom I could chat about books, authors and real life endlessly. So when it came time to say goodbye I asked her whether she might consider continue to do some dual reviews with me. And she not only agreed to that, but happily (and with much enthusiasm) she also said yes to becoming my co-blogger here at Ex Libris! Yay! :-D

So please give the warmest welcome to Anna, the lovely Coffee Lover at Book Lovers Inc. (who also loves baklava and books ;-p), from Greece and get to know her. I'm sure you'll get to like her just as much as I do ;-)

Hello everyone!!!!! Anna speaking here :) Well, what can I possibly say after such a warm welcome! I mean can someone please help me stop grinning while I write these lines? No? It doeasn't matter! I kind of like it :P

Anyway, my name is Anna aka the Coffee Lover, former blogger at Books to Brighten your Mood and proud to continue my blogging adventures here at Ex Libris along with wonderful Stella! Before anything else, I just have to say a huge thank you to Stella for agreeing to take me as her virtual roommate! I'm too excited to even put down in words the way I feel right now.

You know, when you've spent the last two years blogging for a blog such as Book Lovers, where you get to have so much fun and meet such great people, blogging by yourself will never be the same I'm afraid.

So what better way to continue, than joining someone who introduced you to the concept of dual reviews (yeah I haven't done one before :P ), who showed you how much more fun it is to work in companionship rather than alone, someone who shares with you the same excitement and love about books (and muffins and cupcakes and all kinds of treats!). Someone who you truly admire for her dedication and work.

Yeah, there was no better way for me to continue than joining Stella here at Ex Libris! And I know I've said it before girl, but the way we sometimes think alike or the way you find the solution to one of my problems or innumerable questions is plain awesome!

So, we hope that you're as excited about all those changes as we both are and that it will be as much fun for you to read our duals as it is for us to write them! :-)

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