Friday, 10 January 2014

Best Books of 2013 by Anna

2013 is officially in the past and like every year, I like to sit back and make a list of all those books that I loved during that year. 2013 was a somewhat bittersweet for me, both book-wise and blogging-wise. It was a time for big changes and big decisions, that I can safely say that were for the better.

Book-wise, this was a bit lukewarm year for me, since I read a huge number of books that were just ok for me, that couldn't really make me go all crazy and squee about them. Even so, I'm glad to say that I was fortunate enough to read a good number of great books as well as meet a few great new authors for me.

So, these are some of my favorite books for 2013, in no particular order let me clarify :)

Best YA

Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep, Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas and World After by Susan Ee

Jennifer Estep is one of my favorite authors and her Mythos Academy series an obsession of mine. Surely, I don't think I can do anything less than love each book in this series. Divergent and Veronica Roth were new to me (I know I started reading this book a little bit late :P ) but now I know why everyone was raving about this series, while Sherry Thomas was a revelation for me in the YA genre. I loved her work in the HR genre but she completely blew me away with The Burning Sky! And last but not least, I couldn't help but mention the brialliance of Susan Ee and World After. She's simply an incredibly skilled writer!

The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

I just want to take a moment and specially mention The Restorer by Amanda Stevens. After finally reading this book, I can totally understand all my fellow blogger friends who couldn't stop praising this series. It was an incredible and most chilling story!

Best Historical Romances

His at Night by Sherry Thomas, Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow, Sins of a Wicked Princess by Anna Randol

Sherry Thomas is certainly one of the authors I read most this year and His at Night was a great and emotional surprise of a book for me while Sweet Enemy was the first book I read by Heather Snow and it will certainly not be the last one! Sins of a Wicked Princess was simply a book I knew I would love from the start. Anna Randol knows how to write a story that the reader will be unable to put down!

Foreplay by Sophie Jordan

I know I must be living under a rock, but Foreplay was the first book I read by Sophie Jordan and I loved it so much, that I immediatelly ordered more of this author's work!

Best Contemporary Romances

Love Irresistibly by Julie James, Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell and Seducing the Secret Heiress by Jennifer St.George

I'm familiar with all these three authors' work, so it comes as no big surprise that I loved their latest books as much as their previous! All these authors just have a very special place in my heart and their work is always a joy to read!

What where some of your favorite books for 2013?

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