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Guest post by Sharon Ashwood + Giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to Sharon Ashwood, who stops by with a quite unique post while celebrating the release of her brand new novel: Possessed by a Warrior! Read on and meet the cuteness that is The Demon Lord of Kitty Badness ! ;-) And yes, a giveaway awaits you at the end :-)

The Fine Art of Blogging When You’re Really Very Boring 
by Sharon Ashwood

The Demon Lord of Kitty Badness is a fixture of my social media presence in part because he’s far more entertaining and photogenic than I am, and I honestly think he leads a more interesting life. 

There’s sometimes a mystery to blogging for a mere human. How to appear interesting and witty? Hmm. All I did today was get groceries and stare at a computer screen. But a cat’s life—sleeping, kibble, playtime—what’s not to like? 

And he had such a dramatic beginning, he should have a book of his own. He was abandoned in Fort St. John, British Columbia (Google maps will show you just how far north that is) and finally adopted by me almost a year later in Victoria, BC. He’s lucky our local animal shelter will ship cats around to where there is more demand rather than putting them down. Still, by then he had ringworm (which he kindly shared), an eye infection, and upper respiratory trouble as well as some behavioral issues. It’s been about six years since then and he’s perfectly healthy, although he’s still very much a one-person animal. He’s affectionate with me, but he doesn’t trust easily.

So why am I telling you about my cat? Because when I want to show people who I am, my bond with the Demon Kitty is one of the better parts of me. And after all, the point of blogging to the wide world is to reveal a little bit—the best bits—of the personality behind the name on my book cover. 

And by the best bits I mean that you, dear readers, never have to deal with the Monday morning sulky me, or the morning-after-the-deadline me (just grunt twice for yes, once for no), or the why-am-I-up-now me that occasionally emerges when I feel guilty about missing the gym. In case you’re haven’t caught it by now, I’m not a morning person. At all. Especially not when I’m awakened by a cat sitting on my head.

So to round out my likes/dislikes, here are six things I look forward to:

• Friday at quitting time
• Red licorice twists. I know they taste like vinyl, but they’re chewy.
• Stumbling across great presents for people
• Trying new recipes and/or restaurants (I think I just like food)
• Writing a really good line that makes me laugh
• Grimm (the TV show). I adore Monroe.

And of course my books are extensions of who I am, because it’s impossible to cover 300 pages without leaving a lot of oneself behind. However, like the kitty, my characters lead much more interesting lives than I do! 

Although there aren’t any cats involved in my book series, there are three vampires and a werewolf (secret operatives! James Bond with fangs!), all of whom are just about as troublesome as felines. And they do get taken in from the cold and given loving homes, but in a roundabout way that includes spies, intrigue, gunmen, and derring-do. (I like an alpha with a good swash in his buckle.) There’s a royal wedding, too, complete with an ancient feud and crown jewels. These books were SO MUCH FUN to write!

So there we are . . . a blog from someone who shuttles from the home computer to the day job computer and just tried very hard to sound funny and fascinating! I see the Demon Kitty is giving me the green-eyed glare that indicates an empty food bowl. That’s my cue to sign off and be subservient.

But before I go, here’s a question—how much do you think an author’s personality shows up in their writing? Do you think it matches what they show in blogs or other social media? Does that matter to you as a reader?

Prize alert (international!)

Please leave a comment on this post to enter a draw for a signed paperback of POSSESSED BY A WARRIOR

(Pub date May 1)

A dazzling dress is wreaking havoc—and costing lives… 

The violent death of her uncle sends Chloe Anderson reeling—and rushing to his estate. As coexecutor of Jack's will, she assumes that he has left her something. What she doesn't expect is a bejeweled wedding gown with a note warning her to trust only his business partner—dark, mysterious and sexy Sam Ralston. 

Chloe's been burned in love, but never bitten, and there's something about Sam that keeps drawing her in, despite her fears. The attraction is mutual, intense, and it takes all of Sam's willpower to hide his fangs. With Chloe's career at stake and murderous thieves hot on their trail, the vampire vows to protect her. But can he save her from himself?

(Pub date June 1)

Can a mother in jeopardy melt the heart of a jaded vampire? 

After witnessing a murder, Bree Meadows is on the run with her young son. But the bad guys are in hot pursuit. Dropped in the middle of nowhere amid a torrential thunderstorm, things look pretty grim. To make matters worse, her son is in desperate need of medical attention. 

Mark Winspear has been alone for too long. When the vampire senses a gorgeous female nearby, he discovers that her swift, selfless courage pulls at his instincts. The doctor has history with the same men who are after Bree—and he's ready for revenge. Working together now, they discover an attraction that might save them both—if they're lucky.

Excerpts to both books are available HERE.

Sharon Ashwood is a novelist, desk jockey and enthusiast for the weird and spooky. She has an English literature degree but works as a finance geek. Interests include growing her to-be-read pile and playing with the toy graveyard on her desk. As a vegetarian, she freely admits the whole vampire/werewolf lifestyle would never work out, so she writes her adventures instead.

Sharon is the winner of the RITA® Award for Paranormal Romance. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is owned by the Demon Lord of Kitty Badness.

For more info on Sharon and her books connect with her at


Sharon has generously offered a  signed paperback of POSSESSED BY A WARRIOR to a lucky commenter!

To be entered just leave a comment and answer her question: how much do you think an author’s personality shows up in their writing? Do you think it matches what they show in blogs or other social media? Does that matter to you as a reader?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 23 May 2014!

Good luck!

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