Friday, 16 May 2014

Things I Love Friday! #10

Hey Everyone!

Another busy week at work has gone by and time to see what makes me happy this week:
  • Thank God for friends! I've had my two best friends since high school, and we speak at least once daily (or even more chats/emails are exchanged per day), and work with some of my friends from university. Let me tell you, it's great!
  • Family. I have the best dad in the world (if you've seen/read Pride and Prejudice you know what I'm talking about when I say we are like Mr. Bennett and Lizzie), and my mom has this talent to reassure you when you have the worst panic attack, was really appreciated during my exams ;-) And my sisters. Just love the whole bunch of them :-)
  • Being missed by Boyfriend when we spend a night apart. Can you say aww? ;-)
  • Make up course this weekend, can't wait!
  • Attending a Murder Mystery Dinner Party set during the Roaring '20s tonight, I've dressed the part (will post photos if available).
  • Feels nice getting an apology and a free meal after filing a customer complaint at my local favourite restaurant.
  • Celebrating Boyfriend's birthday this weekend :-)
  • Summer rain. Love the smell of wet grass and flowers. It's so clean and fresh.
  • Back massages and foot rubs. Want one right now!
Have a great weekend, make some plans or just relax :-)

Source: Photo by russavia

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