Friday, 11 July 2014

Things I Love Friday! #17

Hey Everyone, happy pre-weekend! :-)

Thankfully the weekend is just around the corner and that is a great thing since I had such a busy week I couldn't go on for much longer without some rest and quiet.

This week's highlights were:
  • still my apricot pink roses on my desk;
  • fish and mussels dinner at a Belgian pub restaurant;
  • family Scrabble tournament;
  • summer BBQs with the family;
  • early breakfast before work with my best friend, nothing like starting Monday with a good laugh :-D
  • my dad. He truly is the best! :-))
  • laser tag! Never played it but wanted to try it every since I saw it on How I Met Your Mother, and hopefully this weekend I'll try my hand at it ;-)
  • discovering a great new place from where to order lunch: healthy, full of veggies and tasting delicious;
  • sleeping! Didn't get much during the week, so I'm looking forward to my weekend afternoon nap! ;-p
Isn't this SO cute? :-D

Do you have any special plans (BBQ, hiking, holidays)?
Have a great weekend everyone!

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