Friday, 15 August 2014

Things I Love Friday! #20

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the disappearing act lots of news and happenings took place behind the scenes which are the cause for my long silence and disappearance: we have been apartment hunting all my free time after work and after we finally found The One (2 days after I had a minor meltdown that after 3 months of intense flat hunting still no results)! So since then we have been packing and planning how and when to execute the move. So it's still ongoing, we'll take over the final boxes and stuffs tomorrow and we'll finally move there this weekend! :-D So once things settle down posts will be more frequent and regular and I'll get back to reading. Thanks so much for sticking around and your patience, I miss blogging and interacting with you, so fingers crossed they will install the net quickly ;-)

And here are the things I love this week:

  • finally finding the apartment I can picture us living, me cooking/baking in the huge sunlit kitchen while Boyfriend is playing in the living room :-)
  • moving in with Boyfriend :-D
  • buying lovely homey stuff: beautiful ceramic pans and pots and bowls and dishes, can't wait to finally test out my kitchen! :-))
  • browsing Ikea and home decor, kitchenware aisles at the stores ;-)
  • choosing bedclothes and towels :-)
  • my birthday is approaching, it will be next Wednesday;
  • my lil sis handed in her final thesis, so proud of her!
  • funny, my middle sister will move in her new house with her fiancé next week as well, seems it's a moving week for our family :-)
  • chilly minty watermelon soup, so refreshing in the hot August days;
  • having Boyfriend confess to me, that on the list he made of all his crushes/girlfriends/lovers, etc. and what they meant to him (fun, flirt, etc.) next to my name he put "Everything" in capitals. *sighs* *melts*

So what do you have planned for this weekend? 
Me, I'll be hauling boxes and unpacking, yay! ;-P LOL

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