Friday, 5 September 2014

Things I Love Friday! #22

Hey Everyone!

I got sick Saturday (came down with some nasty flu-fever), so the week kind of flew by me. But here are a few things that make me happy this Friday:

  • finally feeling almost fine (still have a bit of a cough and I blow my nose quasi-nonstop but at least I feel better);
  • September is here! I always loved this time when everyone gets back from their summer vacation and school year starts anew. I just loved the excitement of new books, schedules and fall clothes! Well what can I say, I loved going to school ;-) And even now I love how sunny and warm it is without the blistering heat of summer. I can't wait for walks in the forest on sunny weekends :-)
  • going to the farmers' market with Boyfriend and later preparing brunch together. Love the harmony of doing such a "mundane thing" together.  :-)
  • My lil' sis got a good grade for her thesis, next week it will be her graduation!
  • we had our office team building yesterday: visited a huge cave and had picnic outside, was great.
  • spent an amazing day with my mom while recovering: it was so warm we spent the day out in the garden sunbathing, I was reading magazines while she was grading papers and it completely felt as if I were on summer vacation it was such a chilled and relaxed day :-)
  • one of my best friend is taking a massage class, I can't wait for her to start practicing on me :-D
  • my other best friend is enjoying the early joys of motherhood (her baby is only 2 weeks' old), and I can't wait to finally see them!
  • as soon as all our boxes are unpacked I'll start making my own soap at home! Can't wait to prepare some unique ones for everyone as their Christmas gift! :-)
  • we started watching Modern Family again, that show makes me laugh so much! :-D

So how are you, what have you been up to?
 And what is it you like the most/least about September?

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